15 million annual visitors to Disneyland Paris, as many potential renters

Renting out your apartment with AppartLand means:

No defaults on payment

  • Our rentals are paid in full and in advance.
  • Our online payment partner performs identity and credit checks for all future paying renters.

A high rental yield

  • For equivalent accommodation, short-term rental ensures yields higher than 30% to 50% when compared to "classic" rentals.
  • Low taxation on furnished rentals: taxable rents benefit from a reduction of 50% !!!

Regular income from your property

  • Regular income from your property will be ensured thanks to its proximity to Disneyland Paris. For the 1,000,000 tourists who visit every month, your property will offer quality accommodations at a competitive price. The vacancy rate will be low.
  • You will be able to control your income according to demand, the market and your own situation and needs.

Completely delegated management service and no obligations

  • Our managers will take care of all rental services (selection & welcome of renters, property inspections...).
  • Your property continuously in the spotlight via our rental tool.
    Your accommodation lives and is maintained on a daily basis, thanks to the AppartLand cleaning service which comes after the departure of each renter.

Your accommodations are always available to you

  • You can have your accommodations back at any time, according to your situation and needs (you need it during your holidays, you want to give it to family or friends…).
  • You will not be constrained by tenants on your property, whose very presence under rental contract can cause the sale value to drop by 10%.
  • The contract you sign with AppartLand to put your property up for rental is without a time commitment !!!